Flat Bush (also known as Ormiston) is one of New Zealand’s largest and most comprehensively planned towns taking shape in South-East Auckland and conveniently located between Manukau and Botany. Flat Bush is expected to be home to at least 40,000 people by 2025.

The Donegal Glen subdivision situated within Flatbush is located off Flat Bush School Road or Thomas Road and is one of the town’s most exciting developments. It has set a high standard in urban design and has undertaken numerous initiatives to improve the area including adding to the existing network of bridges, shared footpaths & cycle ways and providing extensively planted storm water ponds and green-fingers/streams with natives to enhance aspect and provide attractive recreational spaces.

It’s an ideal location for new homes to be built. Families will enjoy a new home that’s walking distance to the planned Ormiston Town Centre, Barry Curtis Park (94 hectares of green space and one of New Zealand's largest parks), Murphys Bush Scenic Reserve and Totara Park.

Close to Botany town centre and all the surrounding shops and entertainment Donegal Glen is zoned for a variety of schools including Chapel Downs School, Mission Heights Junior College, Ormiston Senior College, Ormiston Junior College and Sancta Maria College.

Sections in Donegal Glen offer purchasers the opportunity to make a great investment in this expanding subdivision that is already filling up at an incredible rate. The subdivision has sensible covenants in order to protect the purchaser’s investment and the environment as well as maintaining a high quality subdivision.

Over 1,000 generously sized Sections have been completed and delivered with our final residential Stage 16 now under contruction. Be part of this high quality development and enjoy one of Auckland’s best areas by purchasing Sections that are available today.

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